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Truly providing users with the next generation Islamic matchmaking service

Welcome to Wilayah Matrimonials, your trusted partner in the journey of finding a lifelong companion in accordance with the Qur'aan and Sunnah. Our mission is to help individuals within the Muslim community connect with like-minded individuals for the purpose of marriage, fostering strong and lasting bonds that adhere to Islamic principles.

We are a tech team who have experience working with companies from the UK and US with the sole goal of building truly amazing experiences for users. There are many Islamic matchmaking services out there, however, they're not built by people with technical experience and they don't provide such a high level user experience.

We are here to build a marriage service that is 100% Halal and is built using the best technologies. Our platform is currently available as a Web Application. However, in the near future we are planning to release a dedicated mobile application with exciting new features, giving users a truly unparalleled user experience which will take the platform to new heights Inshaa Allah.